Events & Conferences

The Downunder on Movies Downunder, Nerd Nite, Wagga Wagga, September 29th 2016


February 9

Reproducibility, Contestability and Co-existence: The Imperative for Open Data

Figshare Symposium, UTS Sydney

February 16

Open Data in a closing down world: reproducibility, contestability and co-existence

February 23

Hands-on Digital Humanities: How to make your research sticky

ResBaz, University of Melbourne

The importance of data science in a world of alternative facts and post truths

ResBaz Plenary Panel

March 8

You Can’t Take the Men out of Documentary: Cane Toad Cup Debate (winner)

March 15-17

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

The Arts in a Digital World Summit, Canada Council for the Arts, Montreal

March 23

Go figure: Open Data in a closing world

THINC Lab, University of Guelph

March 26

Measuring the Value of Network Analysis for Cinema Studies

SCMS, Chicago

April 4

Wentworth: Cast and Crew Q&A

Cinema Nova

April 12

Women Behind the Scenes: How to get to 50%


April 26

Anna Serner Q&A

Film Film’s Sake festival, Sydney Town Hall

April 28

Co-Convenor, The Social Life of Data Symposium

RMIT University

May 2

Understanding the Customer Value Equation ‘The Latest Research on Indie Cinema Value’

Independent Cinema Association conference, Sydney

May 28

Measuring the Value of Network Analysis for Understanding Gender Bias in Creative Industries

ICA, San Diego

June 22-24

Cinema Studies at Scale: Cartographies for Co-existence

Circuits of Cinema: Histories of Movie and Media Distribution conference

August 18

The Art of Science

National Science Week

September 14-16